The TEACHINGS OF QUENTIAL are for those restless souls that want to find their way back home and unplug from the brainwashing upon your world.
So if you need to be forgiven for your sins of the day, go to your churches and get a new deposit card so that you can sin again and again and be forgiven by a debit card in your mind and heart, then my teachings are not for you.
Know that you are all “God” and the many reflecting rays of “God” but in actuality, you are ONE BEING that has given itself into fragments finding reconnection through individualism, and Karma teaches you this along the way.
For love others, and love will come back to you, hurt others in all life forms and you will re-experience the trauma you have projected back to yourself.My service to HUE is to help you remember what you are from your light and not from illusion.
I can assure you, I have my medals and mandalas of victories and experiences the soul must learn in the lower realms to get it. This is where my wisdom comes from. And yes, there are many schools and bodies you will and have sojourned into for your making of yourself into perfection.
The banquet offered here has many dishes of wisdom for you, but it is you that will like it or not, that is your free will, for your tastes are personal and trained by your life and needs.Be informed, formed on the inner dear brave souls.

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