Did you know that your mindset and deliberation creates a field of your inner gravity and effects the world around you and things that happen to you? Also, the more you are evolving past the complacent pack that works, abides and serves a function of the Matrix as compliant and part of the sheep in the herd, the more of a black sheep you become for you stand out as different.

There are built-in limiters all around you by the collective mindsets that are under the direct control of the corporate managers that input what you are allowed to have with knowledge. This is done by controlled monitored sciences and certainly the religions that keep you suppressed into thinking inside the box. With that said, when you share the information of what you know, it does not fit the bandwidth of the institutions and the common people.

Talk of the govern mentals (governments) and tell the obvious truths about population control like chemtrails, poisonous food, fluoridated water, and smoke and mirrors of red herrings and you are called “a conspiracy theorist” and with one wave of the hand classified as someone without a full mental embracement of realities. Try to talk to a ‘spiritual’ religious mindset and they will tell you that all information is contained in ‘gods’ work in their bible.





 They will say any new information is of the occult, spirit world and of the Devil. To a rational species of intelligence, we can see perfectly how you have been brainwashed with the agendas of the secret orders that you are not part of, and they want you that way. So unto you, those that wish to awaken waste not your time trying to convince those of this mental infection. This influence is dominating your brainwaves and information review.


It is imperative that you keep steady your know and continue and find like-minds that are the seekers of truth and information. For when you already know the truth you have shown you are full and cannot contain the new influx of upgrading data and energies. So deliberate your force fields of your inner judgment and do not waste your time trying to convince those that know everything.

Just know you must find those of equal bending and learning truth seekers and scientists. Spend your time on your inner quest and leave sheep grazing in the fields for their fleecing and slaughter. Learn the ways of the wolves and the coyotes so that they will teach you how to survive as they go about their deeds.


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