Women wish to be loved and held, men wish to be protected by the nurturing of the female cooling fires. But women are now not caring and in a state of fear of MAN and his intentions form the colouring of their hurts.  It is of nature for man to love and admire women (and yes, their bodies).

But women shame MAN for the biological natures of their animal-self that wants union with women. The hurting women give ‘mixed messages’ to man, shaming him for wanting to be of interest. It is now a barter of what they can get to the highest bidder of material things and status. This is the breeding ground of competition between man and woman.

And man cannot even love himself or to each other as ‘brothers’ without feeling this might not be the norm. In all of most societies, MAN wants love from women. Not as partners to love, but to protect them from their imbalances of their crippled male roles. All of your natures are being corrupted by the media, the ‘have and not have’ status one-upmanship.


Your roles are about things and possessions for survival. The basic nature of your sexual balance and nature is being corrupted. Sexual union is a force of life and union, not a barter and role that you think involves the world and your status. This is why your world is so deranged in women and MAN competing for the moment to have the embrace of the opposite polarity.

And MAN is not in balance with his gender of males, nor are women. All poisoned by overwritten roles for corporation manipulation and religious oppression. Because of this, both women and man cannot trust each other and many of you are so jaded. You are carrying out sentences to your fellow humans projecting core fire creation time bombs of pain.

When this is a program of nature your societies have corrupted and judged, to the point of what you fear you bring to the life of experiences by your pains-held.

Until you are ready to heal and release, project not a continuance of your hurt patterns to others. You will know this is within you by your conflict of desire and the feelings of shame, for these energies to flow to you.

For your mind cannot suppress the pain of your very nature.


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