Time upon your world and this quadrant of the Galaxy is in a state of flux and change due to frequency modulations and the clocking of planetary bodies as they relate to the binary black pulsars in your galaxy. Know this, that all your solar systems in this Milky Way are moving in a circle of the orbit which brings the galactic seasons to each solar system, depending on their relative points on the energetic grid of the central black pulsars of high energy transmissions.

With respect to your solar system and the one of the Nibiru, both of your intertwined systems are not only influencing each other, you both are getting enhancements from the new particles and frequencies of this new zone of energy quanta, the media as it were in time and space. Simultaneous events are occurring with all the relationships of all your heavenly celestial bodies making major changes to every constituent in your sector, not just your planet. With frequency modulations, the spinning and gravity of your world are changing.

This is affecting time and space. Keeping in mind that everything you know as the material is made up of energy particles and packets that are woven into grids and lattices which are the backdrop of your worlds, suns and other elements of the galaxy. Your bodies all come from star dust and you are not separated from the events occurring. Know this, that your perception, thoughts, and emotions are imprinted onto the material that you are immersed in. This is HUE, the light that mirrors, reflects and sees in perception or consciousness (the viewer).

With relevance to your world, your planet is going to align at the right time, space and place for the event that will open up inductive pathways for great energy to flow into your solar system and Sun that will bring about a new time and adjustment for the new season. September 21, 2017, will have all your planets in line as a call for order and will be the galactic equinox of energy to flow into your solar system. And of course, this will affect what you currently know as the time you are accustomed to.

For many of you, your bodies and light bodies have become awakened and are adapting to the function of their creation which will take you through these great changes. This is your space suit that will allow you to move into a new world of experiences and ventures for the next stage of your soul destiny. As mentioned, before you are enhanced by this. Not by your religions or concepts or other baggage you might cling to glamour yourselves with, but by a frequency that resonates from your heart. This is your ticket for the great harvest that is to occur.

Within each of your bodies are collections of badges and insignias of light and experiences from your lives lived and studied. How you fair with integrity, love, and harmony to yourself, consciousness and your fellow souls (including animals and nature) are your resume. So there are great gate keepers and beings that see what you are at your essence, and of course when you have been activated you will be able to do the same (to varying degrees of perception) where you can just look at someone and know all that is amassed at the moment of the individual and their collective lives and experiences. Know this is a simple thing as being able to see the holographic records, the Akashic records of that soul.


viajes en el tiempo


Now to conclude this lesson understand that great events are to occur and all the structures that are fixed will go through a change of state with the new frequency of time and space which will change your perceptions of everything that you held onto. The best analogy we can come up with is that of incandescence. When you run electricity through a wire in a vacuum you heat up the element until it renders the emission of photon particles that lights the area by exciting the dark with energy transmission.

So are the new currents of electromagnetic gravity pulses inducing upon your bodies making changes for you. For many of you are now feeling great forces of photonic rays coming out of your hands. You want to heal others by transducing your frequency states to their stuck and painful bodies that do not have the inductive materials to gather these new forms of galactic energy packets you are modulating with. Many of you are now seeing the higher realms and it is like your LED screens on a 3D holographic modulation.

What you are experiencing is a change of state and a reconnection of a greater expansion from the duality and dense world you are trapped in. Many of you are ascending the status of your presence to a new land of the higher beings of light and a new paradigm of the venture. And of course, some of you are returning from your mission of service that you agreed to work with for this transition of souls and planetary changes. We are here, the Pleiadians (your ancestors) and the Zetas along with many other starseed to welcome you.

Of course in addition to this, we are here to deal with the advanced elements of overloads that have oppressed you and many of them are not to our liking. There are very rouge destructive warring factions of other solar systems that have taken over this planet. The Anunnaki are also coming to repair your world from the damage and correct the problems that they have created on your world as well. In the midst of the planetary changes you are to witness, you will be seeing very advanced craft and appearances of energetic wormholes as others are traveling to work on these great events.

Take time to find your frequency upgrades in your cocoons that are around you in energy fields to shield you while you make your transitions and your light bodies come online. We are sorry for those that have been plagued with vaccinations to circumvent these transitions by the oppressors on your planet.

Hydrate, rest and learn your new vision, dear souls and family.


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