And there shall come a time where you have found your creative jewel and it shall radiate like a genie, where you release all of the limitations you thought you had and become a pure ‘dynamic dynamo’ of your soul. Just remember, often times you’re limited by your own belief systems.

Release your genie and you will be free to be your creative desire and not bottled up by religions, science or people’s opinions. Learn to be the eagle again. Once you take off the ground and have left the mighty forces of nature, she’ll allow you to soar.

You have to get off the ground first then all that takes is flapping your wings with precision and deciding to move on with your life. So many people choose to be limited, thinking there’s a cage when there is no cage. It’s their own illusion what they think they have to be, so they cannot be.  Such a ‘belief system’ we have about ourselves and our value.


Be with the right person that accepts you for what you are and rubs you like a lantern, removing the tarnish and lighting your flame, then your very wish is your command and your ascension and expansion. As an eagle builds its nest for its wondrous offspring high up in the mountains in safety away from the lower levels, so must you find a place that is at the apex in the highest level for your soul that you can call home.

This is how it is when an ascended master comes to help you, but you must already have found a high space within the lower realms. And once you’re settled in the place you call home in the spirit realm transmuting to this world, let the gods fill your wings so you may soar into the heavens as a free agent.


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