This is an interesting paradox, for if your mind is over processing it ties up the viewer into avenues that drag your attention to focus on other tasks and creations. As with any machine, especially this wonderful computer, you must constantly maintain and control its functions to achieve optimum performance. The best way to do this is to set up parameters with your mind as pinpointed objectives to work on.

Dear souls, so many of you are an impression by your own minds and forced to watch chaotic or endless Mobius loops of undirected ventures your minds have been instructed to perform. Have you any idea just what you are processing? Your corporations have trained specialists that work on setting up subliminal programs to trigger your mind to solve, input and service these hidden messages.


Your churches and government work hand in hand with fear and have conformity programming for their agendas which leave very little time for HUE, the soul viewer.

So to unravel this may I state briefly the format here.

  1. List all those ‘have to-dos’ and responsibilities that you must attend to.
  2. Put them in the best order of priority with checkboxes at the side. Noting that some of these are your daily tasks.
  3. List the fears you have from your spiritual, religious and government agencies that are troubling you.
  4. Look at them and make an equation as to the specific elements of the issues.
  5. Study and get information, for knowledge is power. If you are focused on this task you can save your minds from scrambling endlessly to obtain information.
  6. Turn your minds off before you go to bed by watching or reading positive, uplifting dreamland reflective materials.
  7. Take a walk daily and concentrate on your breath and be not of the mind, but the body. Breathe nature and ignore your mental noise, unplug it.
  8. Start the process of talking to yourself and your mental selves, listen and advise. In this process, you will begin to hear your very OVERSOUL speak to you. Learn its wisdom and voice and this will become your spirit guide.
  9. Start a dream book of what you would like to do in your life. This creates roadmaps and courses for your mind to work on as your ship, hands on deck. You are the captain!
  10. Do some service to the community and to a cause of some sort as a gift to those, and the guides that have helped you.
  11. Recreate and study time. Just know that when you are “IN” SANE you are sane on the inner, for you have understood the working of your mind.
  12. Spend less time on talk and more in action, for talking means that you are hoping and wanting but are not in action producing. Walk your talk (before your talk).

A small mind has a big mouth, for it needs others to enhance what does not come from within.


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