By changing your vibrations, your body will hear us of the higher less dense worlds. This is why the lower do not hear us and the lower realms cannot reach us in the discarnate astral frequencies.

There are many souls in way low right now preparing for the transition. This is so simple, it is all about letting your self-incrimination go and seeding the resonate frequencies in the vibration of unconditional LOVE vibrations.


These are my “current” teachings, and you must be able to vibrate with the new gamma, X rays and magnetic frequencies coming to your realms and Earth. If not wise and informed you will be in fear and suffer a mental disconnect, for this is triggering the spirit plane to the physical and freeing you from your enslavement.

I will be here as an instructor during these transitional times. But you must comply with the efforts of change or you will suffer great anxieties and emotional trauma.Your world has forgotten what LOVE is in frequency and has only connected this to the first and second centres on your spine you term chakras.In reality, it is ‘Shock RA’s’ serpents of fire spinning up the spine like the caduceus.


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