Just feel and you will see the results of what you have projected and taken into your bodies. Feel not dead, unless that is your choice in how to deal with your inner measure of review from your view of your consciousness, your soul and your surround. What you broadcast is also the frequency of what it is you are, making covalent bonds of your emotion and vibration response. It is that simple.

If you are sending out ill intention to someone or the world it does not matter if you can justify it or that they deserve it. Your frequency modulates this vibration and this is what will magnify your pulling in and reception for the tuning of your vibrations. Know you are all emerged in energy photonic holographic energy packets as well as all animal life, plant and mineral.


What passes through the gates of your mouth you ingest these packets of charge that induces influences to your collection of packets, the very machine of your body, a biological bio transducer that you are connected to in the contract of body and human experience until your departure, that you term death.

So if you want good experiences better learn of the fuel and of the power of your transmissions, for this is your breath and flow of life and your selections. With these principles are the effect of your cause by your deliberation or lack of knowing, it does not matter. Just remember this, that LOVE is a primordial welcome of the collection of peace, good intention and high frequency.

If this is what you want in your life then start to broadcast this frequency and turn the knob of your vision to higher stations of being.


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