To those that quest the soul, you will find your will and determination through the hardest of times as strength and character building. Learn the wisdom to know of the poison and of the remedies in toxic relationships. When the soul needs to leave your mind and body will not get in the way, for it is better to be one with the boldness of your soul and bring it to life and the like of your human self.

In this action, you will become a warrior and a knower in the jungles of Earth, man, and his restrictive institutions and beliefs. Become a student of the teachings of your oversoul and the life you live will have meaning and knowledge learned.  In the steadfastness of your days and nights of darkness finding your inner LIGHT to view with wisdom will make you enhanced to your potential power of your oversoul’s wisdom and teaching.


For in the most negative times there is always a solution and these currents move fast and so can your changes for the way out, for it is all energy that flows through your experiences.  Sometimes the acknowledgment of the situation and the changing of perspective with insight from your soul will make it all less trying. So let go of the emotional fear-based concepts of uncertainty.

Use the mind and wisdom of the soul and knowing to command functional thinking and rational actions that work best for you and not necessarily others when you need to change the situation of your life for your destiny.  Take action with the handle of the moment and take each issue one at a time face on. Just remember to aim and fire at your target that you have set. Life can make you stronger or weaker like the placing of bets on the table. Look for the patterns and stop betting on losers.

For to win, you increase your odds by seeing the signs your soul and nature tell you.


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