Life has many challenges and weather that is not always sunny and pleasant. You must understand this or you will take to heart a self-sabotage and suffer great disappointment and depression. One must ask “do you have a plan for your life, a road map?’. I would be willing to bet many do not plan their life and chart out a plan of attack and focus.

Also, know that sometimes you need to deal with variables in your life and hot spots with the movement of agendas and orders of importance. Your plans should always have options and categories that suit your human life patterns; from basic survival including shelter, employment, health and family units that is individualised as your group responsibilities to care for. Know that sometimes you may need to set up a base camp before you expand to other areas that involve your life and to know and stock your provisions.

The meaning here is before you make radicle changes you will have to start with the basic home front that is your base camp before you shoot for the moon and aim for goals that are far in the future. You must establish your life in stages, for if you try and make changes without practical thinking then you will suffer the consequences.


Life is not static and has a course of many changes. Know that what is your life is ‘your’ special learning and environment and is not like others. Some people have the fortunate factor of money and prosperity given to them and their lives are much simpler than yours, but that is their journey. It is yours that has its own elements, challenges and hurdles that your soul has set up in this study it is working on, and the book you are writing about yourself.

A word on emotions: Your life has emotions that make you feel and flow with excitement, fear, love and hate and a whole gamut of stuff that is the sensory of where you are. Know that these are patterns that are part of your life, your ‘modus operandi’, and to make changes will certainly bring up a reaction of your emotions. This can also be in the knowledge of someone that you have been living with or working with that is part of the mirror that soundboards what you have become accustomed to.

So know that to change your living situation, dwelling and location and to remove yourself from someone that you have synced a fair amount of time with, you will certainly feel a void and your emotions will come up and need a place to go to. This can be a rough and trying time and it is when your functional mind must step in and turn off this energy to divert it for the changes you need to make. Here is where you need to acknowledge the feelings (like lost and terrified units of yourself) and say to them it will only be temporary now, and will work out for the best in time, and that you are in transitional patterns and to be patient.

This is the mindset you must master. For anger is a strong force and fear and loneliness requires vision, insight, study and help as needed, to cope with these emotions. Just know that it is best to taper your bullets that you fire off under these situations, for if you act in passion without mindful perception you will cause harm to yourself and others that cannot be undone so easily. This is why you must pull yourself up by the boot strings and harness this time and stick to the plan, or you will not have a favourable life and experience.


To make changes requires a strategy and knowledge of your patterns and clear sight of the uncharted waters. Just know the seeds you plant in your life with a knowing, design and deliberation will increase your odds to the plan you have. You may have to plant many. If you are ready to change and give yourself 100% of the best you can be, the UNIVERSE will respond in kind, for this is the Law of growth here on your planet. Maintain a positive outlook and focus on the good and change the non-serving identifications you have with people, situations and things.

Just know the process of change from a stagnate situation has much hurt and baggage to process. This is why you must make changes. Study and focus on a plan for the issues you need to deal with, period. Be wise, and know that your basic survival needs must always be in your sights. Keep the illusion that “GOD” will help you if you have faith. This in itself is the kind of thinking that sums up your sharpness of self and identity, after all, you are here to grow and being a ‘self-actualized being’ is the purpose of your creation of the SELF and the individual that you can be.

Know the laws, the conditions and the factors for changes and events in your life and plan accordingly. Being stupid is no excuse, for you are ultimately doomed to yourself and your actions, like it or not. Just know that you can change many patterns you are stuck in, and in this practice you learn more each time and your life improves.


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