Your very being is valued and you are all part of a collective mass of presence making up the ocean as it were, and seeing the currents and weather as an aspect of experience while on Earth. In the collective you all matter, for you are all collective in your presence upon the Earth.

So point not to the ocean nor to your fellow man in hate, for it creates charges that affect the whole and will come back to you. Just remember, that if a stone is tossed into a pond it creates waves from the point of impact and once it reaches the banks of land it returns and will counter wave exactly back to the point of its impact. So is it with your presence and imprint upon the world.


What you send out will go out to its course in the speed of your emotions, charge and encoded messages and will return like a sound wave from the world it travelled to. Your thoughts, attitude and emanations are like boomerangs. They return to the source that created them.

If you could but understand this principle, that your good intentions, love action and manifesting will return to you (your bounty). So is it with your ill intentions, anger, fears, distrust and all that which you imprint to the world out of self hate and limitation.

These are the forces of your creation or your Karma. You cannot escape yourself so best to understand that you are creators and have full responsibilities for your soul will and experience. You make a choice and if you wish to evolve and become a Master of yourself then life will provide that much more loving meaningful experiences.


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