Dear souls, you need to understand your power and presence here. First, all your ‘gods’ and saviours do not exist but are creations of your limited sciences and understandings. Many of your encounters are the viewing of our technologies and craft that you cannot fathom. There is so much to learn and to know, and it is your science and religions that have blinded you to know by the control of your churches and religions.

The real is relative and very diverse throughout the many Galaxies, but there is one underlying term. Your consciousness is derived from PRIME SOURCE and you are endless and eternal stemming from this, all linked by life force fibres of light. So what is it you ‘pray’ for? The Universe and PRESENCE IS and does not change because you summon a god to become your genie.

And no, there is not just one saviour for you that will wash your ignorance away. There are biological computer monitors that are the “Lords of Karma”. They review your records here on Earth and set up events to quicken you when you are turbulent and out of sync with your soul alignment and evolution. Failure to get your lessons are repeated until you pass the test. Then, and only then can you go to the higher realms and gather more abilities and powers to know and create.

Just remember, your negligence is your scorecard and your measure of health and happiness. So your incantations are emanations to something that does not exist but was created by Aliens, your Overlords and Elite to control you.


They harness your minds as repeaters to make magic and manifestation of their agenda and collective. So staying with the little prayer is useless because you are not focused on the principles of life and the energies you run.

If you want to go somewhere you must decide where you want to go, then you get a map of direction and go. It is that way about your life and the things you want to manifest. For the very ‘god’ you seek is in your own mind and soul. So rather than pray, meditate on your desire with form and image. Focus your intention and you will be directing particles of energy to that form.

Learn that if you actually want to heal someone work with PRIME SOURCE and visualize energy mass and light projections to improve directly to the patient or thing you want. Sorry that many of you waste your efforts by pretending to be holy and saved. You cannot be saved from yourself nor will you move the great PRIME SOURCE to make things happen. You must follow the laws of invocations and study the higher sciences to be actually useful in your desires.

So if you want to manifest learn, study and work with the principles of reality, not conjured things you ‘must’ believe in. This is your life and your duty to know, but if you want to stay brainwashed by the deceivers of your planet then attend to your churches and make no changes to your behavior. To tune into the higher stations you must increase your antenna and vibrational rate. Guilt and shame are products of your distance to the harmonious designs of the higher creators that have created your bodies.

Learn of yourself as a child of the Universe, for it is your responsibility to know and grow, not ‘god’s’.


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