All too often we wake up or take to bed apparent necessities we automatically feel we have to address that haunts us to no end. If this is your stature, you might want to understand that this program is running you and you are not running your owned affairs. Little do you know or remember that your early childhood programming of what you should do or what is “gods” way is overriding your own authenticity and moments of time making you a pleaser and a slave to things that do not necessarily work for your freedoms and present time.  You will know these ingrams because they do not have an off button and enslave you by making you concerned beyond measure.

Dear souls, when your inner tranquility and time of rest is invaded by an endless mental rattle it is of the time to question the dominate ghost in your head that still has a cord to your souls and mind. If you do not grasp this mental infection, then it will become more neurotic as you lose yourself expression in the years passing.  Although your parents and religious icons were important in your early stages of your life during your formative years, they are the imprint of your parents and become the strings that you must cut and find yourself with your own information that is in the present dynamic.


Learn to see these imbalances and work to quiet the pleaser and take charge of your mind and self-authenticity. By no means do I say be irresponsible to your duties of family and work, but rather learn to contain these actions for an allotted time but do not let this consume your entire field of awareness. The mind needs to be busy so feed it knowledge of good character and study for at least 1 hour a day to expand your knowledge and keep you in growth.

Know the same goes for your idle chat with people. Keep this to 1 hour a day and learn that it is better to spend quality time than the endless chatter of your own restlessness and idleness. Resolve this within to your own review and trouble not others with your issues for they really have plenty of their own issues and do not want to hear about you but only themselves and their realities.

Learn this lesson, and your life and friendships will change.


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