Jesus cures the troubled mind by removing it and placing your own judgement in the hands of others. For in the repression of the flow of energy you have sickness. The saviours brought diseases of the sexual nature to the new worlds and shamed those that they raped and tortured. Yes, trust in Jesus! The finest of the Roman troops that perpetuate their armies like the blood of the Medusa to continue for the CHURCH.

Just know this, that Christ means ‘the anointed one of oil’. And it is the Oil Cartel that runs the world for the power of the fossil ‘fools’ (fuels). If you loved your family, what would you say if we took your finest young son, nailed him to a cross so that you can forgive your other children you created who are still learning and making wrong decisions you term ‘SIN’? Try this in REAL LIFE and you would be thought of as psycho.

Yet this is our government based law and religions. I would like some explanation here, please solve the riddle! Whos ‘god’ is this? You give your life in an agreement sealed to the church in blood. Have you any idea of the EVIL sinister contracts you are imparting yourself to? You are giving yourself lock, stock and barrel to the Reptilian Humanoid overlords and your corpse is ‘corpora’ meaning corporation owned.


They have your very body owned by your registration number. Social Security is no different than the numbers on the Jews by the Nazis. Open up your eyes before they stay shut. The DEVIL is the CHURCH and this has two points on the same snake. Eat of the tree of knowledge and know, for the real serpents are the power centres of your SPINE that can awaken your higher function.

The Anunnaki seeded your body with their star seed and have hybrid you with the primates in this world. Many of you have been given too much of their seed and are evolving radically. But there is a war going on in Nibiru about who should control you and those that want you to evolve. This is what is going wrong with your planet. The secular orders of the NEW WORLD ORDER Elite are in the legend for working with those that do not want you to evolve into self-dynamic species.

So this is being weighed and you are being studied. The soul is from PRIME SOURCE that is different from the DNA enhanced body units. You have been watched by us and the Anunnaki as well as other galactic species. For you have become so grand with nature without the powers of the enhanced star seed and have gained incredible knowledge and power at the cord, those that have maintained clarity in the hardness of your world.

This is the harvest we speak of. You are more than our slaves, within you is the soul seed consciousness that expanded to know itself in from the collective as ONE to the dimensions of authentic parts of the PRIME SOURCE.


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