In your daily affairs just know that many people toss the stones of their inner turmoil at you and others as a way of venting their own frustration. Sometimes you are in need of being directed to your negligence, and the voicing of this is necessary. But understand in your world people propel their missiles of inner pain and frustration with more cargo than you deserve.

You must learn to discharge this, or it will be stowed away inside as cargo that weights your soul with a calling of negative value in your goods. You must be ever vigilant in your life to see these exchanges and to reject them for your passage at once. Say to the sender, in essence, you care not to carry this and acknowledge the package with your position and leave it at the dry dock.


Learn to port yourself and process these old stale units and unload them in your psyche. You need to stay LIGHT in your vessel, stuffing the negative just weights you and serves no purpose. Know then, this does not mean that from here on you are finished with carrying other mass that is from earlier painful reactions and rejections that you are still harbouring.

Making yourself ship worthy is based on the condition of your vessel and your cargo. So in conclusion, it is better to load of valuable goods by being around people that your packages are welcomed, and they give your vessel goods upon your ship you are proud to carry. Good luck upon your journeys captains!

Just know that is one of your tasks in life along with the courses you choose to navigate to.



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