You have to get to the point where you repel because if you fight you’re still tied into the mess of people. The key is to change your frequency and vibration then you disappear or you will clone yourself from the energies of distortion. So next time somebody bothers you it is better for you to just change your frequency. Then you will cloak your emotions to them and it will not affect you, even if the active resistance is the act of attachment.

Things hang on to you when you do not know yourself and you’re in constant need of validation (because of your invalidation) so that is what you need to begin to heal in your soul. Until you make yourself grow and until you heal, no religion or prayer is going to do anything for you. This is the fallacy, people think they’re going to get a clean slate. Until you change your frequency and pass the grade you keep making the same mistakes.


The Universe wants you to evolve and get beyond it. There is no such thing as forgiveness. There is release and paying debts of karma but all in all the lesson is for you to know so that you don’t continue your ignorance. This is the delusion of religions that say ‘you can just pray’, this is absurd. You need to make changes in yourself and come to a state of realization and your prayers should be asking for information and teachers to help you evolve past your hurdles.

For you bring a wonderful spice with your presence and flavour to the world but you can also bring negativity and bad energy like a domino effect just with your attitude, all projected from your lack of self-worth and LOVE. Logic dictates to be centred and to LOVE yourself, for your actions are all based on how you feel with them. One may merely look at history from what Christianity has done and other religions.

It is there to destroy the soul not to evolve it. It’s there to make you stupid and indoctrinated so that you will never change or expand, it’s just all a way of controlling you.


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