Dear Souls, at the ‘second Saturn’ of your life when you were around 16 years old something happened in your Consciousness and mind. That is when you begin to see something awakened that never changed, that you are on a stage and somehow you were acting. This is when you begin to realize a slight return to your soul of perception and as you have aged you have seen the suit of flesh have wrinkles, aches and pains. But the perceiver is still the same, ageless. Of course it is, for this is your Consciousness, your soul.

It is the world that teaches you to come out and to be judged. When you lose that point of yourself beyond the threshold into matter you call ‘the Matrix’, you want to find that completeness again so you’re being drawn further and further into the wormhole of the body, things and matter. The more you seek the more you try to cling on to things to fulfil you and the emptier and heavier your life becomes. When you are stuck in matter and you have to compare for validation the only thing that really penetrates the being is fear and worry, instead of having it come from the presence of yourself that you had when you came into a body.

It is the world that trains you to forget and you were conditioned in your earlier years, programmed, taught how to think and how to feel, and what was right and what was wrong. Sometimes this isn’t coherency with your soul but many a time it is an agenda by the keepers of this world (the overlords) to have your spark imprisoned without shame, guilt, fear and inadequacy. Unless of course you formulate compliance with their agenda then you will be ‘saved’. Just understand that life is made into a complex unit of countermeasures and counterfeit and it is you that really worship money. Think about it. Money is just paper, yet because they tell you to believe in it you worship it as your God. Even printed upon your money are the words ‘In God We Trust’.


They program you to turn paper into possessions so that you can survive, eat and maintain. Your whole world becomes revolved around the illusion of their money games and traps. These are the Elite, these are the Alchemists that turn something into gold. What they are really doing is enslaving you in their institutions. They have broken down your families and made both husband and wife work and work, allowing them to dig deeper into the collective and taking of your souls. What they really want is for you to become so encased into matter and then dependent on bioelectrical impulses through Artificial Intelligence and devices, because that is what will certainly kill your mind and your connection to your soul. This is their agenda.

Those that are not of the LIGHT and those that are not of consciousness will then become prisoners in cyberspace and this will release beta endorphins and rewards through Lily waves affecting your serotonin and brain function and so your beta endorphins functions with outside stimula, like a drug. This is how they will pull many of you in to program you and have you function as the creative fires of louche.

So the real death then becomes when you lose the connection of your perception of oneness to yourself and feel that the only way to be someone is to follow and worship gods of their manufactured consent. In conclusion, your only escape is when you leave your flesh and then they will try to summon you again to take another round. So dear souls, I implore you to turn yourself into the inner LIGHT, connect during your meditation and visualization to the stream of the real light fibres of the real in INNERnet.

Then you will fear not death nor the aging of the cloth that you wear as flesh.


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