When will magic occur and make my life happen? When can this all stop? Well dear souls, it is the capturing of the moment that creates the beginning. Life is really quite simple when the emotions and the ‘need tos’ are in sync with the focus of the moment. All too often you want to worry about things that are not linear to the moment, and in such an emotional headspace you cannot focus on the perfection of the moment.

You see, unless you retrain this habit of being in the duties of the moment and focused in linear time and space you will discount the time of your actions for the future that needs its own time and space. If you actually want to make changes to your anxiousness and behavior that is your soul in action, then learn to stop this pulling of sequences out of time to the matters at hand.


So understand that emotional imbalances are such because you have patterned your life out of time and rhythm. This creates nervous energy and misdirects your flow of beingness. So if you want to make all this go away stop the habits that disrupt your focus of the moment in your actions and block the interference of your mispatterned self. Also address your provokers that do this to you to manipulate your time schedule to theirs.

Learn this lesson, and your skills and actions will be much more productive because you are focusing on the duties at hand and not all the other ‘have to dos’ that cannot be done in your linear time sequences. For dear souls all there is, is the ‘Quential’, the moment of sequences of time that flows and all are built upon the passing of moments that are coherent and out of time to pure creative and soul focused imprints of your actions.

Correct the moments and recapture your soul in sync and your will flow through life as your directive of mind, heart and soul.


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