In the months that follow, many weather events will shock the world’s inhabitants that will cause great fear and question upon the Earth. Geophysical events will occur because the world is awakening to new quantum leaping and cycling of itself and all its inhabitants, whether they are in sync or not. The gravity and cosmic clocks move by the celestial seasons and not the precepts and concepts of man.

He either learns this reconnecting or he will learn through pain and suffering for not being aware . Be in the knowledge that is here from the voice of nature, the signs, and to all that keep an ‘inner connection’ to their souls and star seed. Your minds of the Earth collective are evolving and devolving at the same measure. For the polarities of the ignorant and ‘knowing’ religious cults and those of idleness of mind will be out of the real knowledge of their true purpose and ominous real selves of the soul’s quest.

The process of the star seed enhancement has begun, and about the wise are frequencies that are not in mesh with the masses. By now you have gone through the letting go of the excess, the meaningless identifications of things and titles, you have let go of loved ones and false friends and your tastes for food have changed. Tremendous awakening has begun. You have chosen to not eat of death and flesh, stopped junk food and have been bored with the average citizens of the world.


You have maintained your lover and are not attached to people and the outcomes for they have already shown you their spiritual integrity (if very little) in the score of LOVE and uprightness. But like the Phoenix, you pulled through and had a broad sense of your being and listened more to your inner mind and soul voice. Congratulations! You went through the fire and your souls are ready for the embracement of your real family of beings of LIGHT and higher dimensions.

That is why you are drawn to our teachings, for you resonate with it. You are seen by us as orbs of LIGHT and Akasic Record displaying your valor, with great courage you have arrived. We are of many ships and star families and your people like lost dogs at the kennel. We know those of the kind that can move onto the next quantum leap and those that are lazy, selfish and deluded without LOVE. Understand this, religion does not prequalify you no different than you need to pass a test to practice medicine or get a license to drive.

You must have the knowledge and the aptitude to pass the test. Let me say this, LOVE and compassion to yourself and others is the first and foremost condition. We have based our clocked vessels all around your planet, be ready. The world is in fear of us because they are not telling you what is about to happen. We are here for the noble souls and beings of LIGHT and to free you from the fallen aliens that lack compassion and LOVE (the ones controlling your world).

We have underwater craft and bases in the deep oceans and Antartica. The world governments think that they are ready to take us on. Yes, they have reversed some of our technologies and have unfriendly ETs working with them, but we have much greater minds and weaponry to quarantine them, but they will try. Right now the leaders of the governments are staging massive ships to position against our bases and we already know their every move by remote viewing.


This cycle happens every 3600 of your Earth years and the harvest occurs every 26,400 years for the quantum leaps of the galactic pulsars to upgrade this sector of the Milkyway. Just know, you are residing inside skin suits and bio transducer devices that your souls are the essence of value. We can give you a wide varity of cloths or bodies suits, but the evolution of your spirits are priceless and only those that have passed the tests will be ready to be taken to new homes and bodies to expand their journeys further.

All is well, do not worry. It is your Overlords that are in fear and they want to persuade you to leave your world alone to their demise. That is why they have been polluting your minds and bodies so that our harvest of souls for their next stages of cosmic expansion will not occur as it should. We have allowed this but the Earth will make cycle change regardless of right and wrong or your ‘gods’ way. My recommendation is to do your best to heal and raise your frequencies, for this will be a homing device for us.

Farewell, I am pleased to share with you what is going on behind the scenes, and no this is not a cult or a religious persuasion but your family that LOVES the spirits of those beings displaying their LIGHT and good nature through all of their trials. Arise and awaken, time is moving at great speed.

May the new rays calm you and awaken the sleeping Masters in the making.

Anna NaRaca Ra

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