Recalibrate and find peace in your heart and be of the moment. Worry not about how others feel for you for if you do, you are still mirroring your projection of self-doubt and everyone around you is empowering that illusion you have of yourself. So start within yourself and form LOVE in this moment. Make this your meditation in the next few days as the energy from the Sun coming across the planet will inspire great sediment of LOVE and LIGHT in yourself based on what it is you hold yourself to be.

This is a time of great change so let go of anyone that does not encourage your SELF-worth and growth. Set your ground work and your boundaries or be in the illusion of your false perception of the value that you have gathered with these beings around you. It is now time to re-qualify who it is you are. Change your views and your vision will be changed, it is all a matter of your perspective. Just remember this, their souls and your habits become your ‘have its’.


Always understand that no matter what tribulation or moments you are experiencing there’s always an opening and a way out. You just have to look for the right moment and the right wave of cycles and your soul will guide you, eyes open. For it is upon you to be dynamic and not suppressed as an entity and the universe will reward your growth to overcome the illusions you have piled upon yourself when you’re ready to make growth.

Supreme evolution and knowing yourself in perfection” then you will find that which is the presence of the universe and you will find the love, for you will be loved and in meaning. Be obedient to the nurturing and guidance of your soul’s knots to institutions and governments or people. This is your integrity and is your mark of who you are. When your mind is set with oneness of your soul, you will affect all that is around you with your wavelength in force field. Know of this power and remember you are all learning in the boot camp of Earth.


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