Remember that there are opposites that complement each other throughout the Universe from sub-atomic levels to higher energy realms. And I am of the female gender but in balance and not in competition with the compliment of the male, for we are both unique. I would not like to be a male no more than a healthy male would like to be a female. These are completely different energies necessary for life. Your world is a bit confused here and made so by your sick overlords with their agenda.

So if both man, and womb of man or ‘woman’ would but embrace the greatness of each gender instead of competing like you have something to prove (that you fuel with your own sexual frustrations) then your world would truly learn to be in the balance and healing. Sexual fires are the delights of the gods including you, for it creates with the union more offspring but certainly not the souls, they come from PRIME SOURCE. There is great disparity among the Elohim and Anunnaki space travellers of great advancements in technologies and their DNA gene pool.

They have played with the life forms of Earth and have quickened the souls in your body to explore and learn and have given you powers that are dormant for a while, but soon to be activated by the Mother-Son of your ancestors. These lie dormant in the “junk” strands of your DNA memory chemical bonds. This planet X or Nibiru is now in your close path and activating and quickening many of you to come online with the real visions of the UNIVERSE and your part in it.


This is why the other half of the rebellious ones have created DNA altering substances to stop this process from happening along with mercury ‘stabilisers’ that destroy your higher brain function. Many of you have learned not to drink the tainted water with fluoride. But the workings of your ‘food’ corporations like Monsanto are extensions of the 4th Reich that have an agenda to exterminate you. They will even enhance and release deadly plagues upon your world when the asteroids and meteors start to land upon your planet. And of course ‘they’ will say it is ‘gods’ wrath.

Just know this, everything you have been told is misinformation about the stars, the universe, and certainly your history. Your being cannot be destroyed but it can be imprisoned for ignorance, not only in our minds but also in cage worlds of quarantined stasis like the great planet of Saturn which has many souls caged doing time on the inner portions learning to tame their illusions. So change your perceptions from holy gods and demons to your self-growth, divinity and service to the Unified Realms of the Stars that are in order and respect for all life forms.

However, there are a few lower realms that still delight in wars and battles, and many of them have been sent here to your prison world. There is a lot of clean up to be processed from the unfit keepers that rule your world. They will be surprised by us ‘gods’ that are advanced in the know and work with the magnificent entities of LIGHT that give us direction and work to do.

Welcome to my teachings, and I am looking forward to sharing what I am allowed to speak to you about for your transitions.

Anna NaRaca RA

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