Many a time we get notions and inferences that something is a brew in our lives, work and relationships and that is a sacred communication that one should yield to. When we are out of balance our eyes and mind sees and feels that we need to make some corrections and bring communication to address the things that we notice.

It is best to catch things at a simmer before situations in your life boil over with energies and reactions caused by our negligence. Dear souls, when you have an inner radar and guide, that is your soul and consciousness telling you things. Listen and let not the body and Earth mind drag too far behind or what has rooted will turn into greater disease and discomfort.

Learn to listen to your instincts for they are real. When you feel that something in the environment of people is negative and does not feel right, leave. For the energies collected are emanating from a negative breeder (someone in turmoil) and this is a gateway for lower vibrational entities to gather.


Staying positive includes being away from distortion fields that are in your workplace, home and the very places you may go to eat. As you begin to raise your vibrations these residue as people have reactive piles. Their issues and negative fields can and will affect you. The energy of the world is calling LIGHT and energy to that which is hidden within you.

The nature of people will become more polarized in their negative and positive states and substance of Akasic memories. Know this, because staying awake requires a deeper sensitivity to energy and these negative vibrations will collect in your solar plexus and discomfort you.

Learn to smudge yourselves and to clear your own energy pathways as a daily practice to cleanse your emotional bodies that are becoming hypersensitive, both to negative lower astral realms and the higher frequencies.


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