The Bringers of the Dawn are in vigilant inventory of humans that have certain light advancement at their soul body union and are monitoring and protecting those of worthy evolution. The next two years are going to be very turbulent with strange weather and excessive heat, winds, fires, and meteors.

You are awakening to the realms that you already know. For these are the realms of the soul and not the prison world of this matrix that you sojourn on. This is not magic, religious or anything but the vision of the projector and the exiting from the theatre that your body holds you to. Many have been going to the restroom as it were and realizing that they were glued to a movie that someone else has created for their entertainment.

Except the movie has many commercials by corporations, secret orders and agendas to teach you what you know, with a twist that serves their agendas and public hypnosis. This is your world. We are the ushers with the lights that will guide you during these times. For many are uncomfortable, are getting up and making a release from the MOVIE, and conditions are making them remember that they are from somewhere else but have been engrossed in a dream of a movie. So know this, your lives are quickening to a newer frequency. Your jobs will change, you will feel it time to move and you will find endings in many of your relationships that have been tying you into the negative exchanges to keep you stuck.


It is like the energies are flowing and you are being uprooted to flow down the currents of life and there is nothing to hold onto but a new beginning and encounter. Stay clear and in the moment. Make all that you exchange within peace, calmness, and order, for you need the frequencies of the higher self to set in the seat of your soul between the lobes of your brains. So make your house clear for the King and Queen in your gender. They will become your oversoul for many of you and restore your integration of your true and ancient memories and knowing that you have been not able to see.

As you term it the iris of the inner mind, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland are going to centre with the new frequencies. Many of you are beginning to experience energies flowing out your hands and feet and intense visions and geometric primal forms of the higher astral realms beyond the flesh and bone, but of the highest of light spark to come as an upgrade into your vehicles.

This is not for those that are stuck in the Movie and glued to the Matrix, as you have been told. During these times use your highest options of your know, and follow your pulling to making the changes necessary. Get plenty of rest and make the stuffing of food less so that your connections to the Movie can be less encased into this illusion.

I will bring more updates to you soon.



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