In the events that are to occur within the realms of your solar system, significant changes of the material planetary bodies and of course your inhabitants will see of epic proportions unlike any of recent. As Nibiru comes near, large craft of this world will be present and the sightings very common of armadas of ships and scout craft. The agents of the polarized families of the negative elements that have been leading the masses of man from this evolution through wars, oppression and moral degradation are in their element for proving that the starseed hybrids of humans was a great mistake and not worthy of continuance.

Your species for many of you was supposed to be wiped out with the flooding of the planet by the last pole shift, including those that are of the hybrid Anunnaki and the giants. Your races of humans are now evolving into your starseed and higher nature, while those of restless and untempered soul material will be proved to have been in the right by being destroyed. So the evolution of the higher calibre will occur for many. The delusional will meet their fate of the starseed units leaving in this harvest and great awakening cycle upon your solar system and not of the galaxy, for this concerns the contracts of life and creations by the genetic engineers of your world.


The fallen and the wicked evil and satanic perceptions do not run rampant upon the galaxy. This was the errors of the Atlantians and the Anunnaki. For a while, many have been in processing for 3,600 years trapped inside Saturn for corrections and are now being released at this time. So there is going to be a great gravity of natures that will amass again of the realms not of this vibration. This will be a wonderous and trying time for many and it goes beyond your Earth and bodies, this is history and the completion of contracts of the Ancient of Days.

Some of you are already masters in a human form from other starseed and have come to help in this completion of business. This will gift you a human pearl of experience and this is highly sought after to have this experience with limitations requiring a mindset of a proficient player to cut through the illusion and wake up. So to you that have passed this test, congratulations on your inner resourcefulness!

And to you vain ones that put your little egos in front of your ‘teachings’, we find you disgusting and misleading. Keep your hearts open and do not take yourselves so seriously, as this keeps you stuck. Learn to step back. Digest your teachings and get on with the functions of your daily life, for within you are two worlds going on, the inner spirit realms and the physical.

Learn to be in both and in balance.


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