Dear souls, do you know that you hold the value of your being by what it is you hold onto within yourself? Yes, indeed you are a collection of experiences, reactions, states, and emotion.  This becomes your radiance and frequency. Know this, that people around you are your pacers, for you modulate with them on many levels and process their realities by just being in their presence.

Perhaps a closer view of those you keep in contact with will open your eyes to just how much your company of fellows affects your state of being. Learn to be perceptive of how you feel around people and modulate just how much you open up yourself to them based on what you are feeling inside. This is always the measure of your presence and theirs in a relationship of connection.

One very important trait among people is that there are the achievers and there are complainers, all of which elements mark the person’s reality. For everything you say and feel is a result of your inner states and the way you handle life and problems (in short, the way you cope). I point this out in this teaching to be aware of what is going on in and on the planet.

The Nature and the core that is of everyone is starting to manifest a mandate “change recalibrate to the higher frequencies” or stay stuck and emanate a heightened distorted frequency of agitation.


Know this my brethren, that complainers are toxic to be around and are holding lots of turmoil of rejection and self-judgment and are very stuck in pain that they react and send very negative frequencies that can be infectious. Especially now that the world is going through metamorphic rate upgrades tying the astral realms to the three dimension fields. Your world is going through quanta of new states of frequency and experience. It is ever so wise now to do daily aura cleansing and grounding to keep your current high and vibrating for your force fields and alignment of your contents of the soul in your bodies.

Think of your current like a light bulb. The more current you run the greater your radiance, the greater your radiance the more you can see as this lights the way for your path and vision. Dear souls, now are the great times to shine and find your inner peace and tranquility by not discounting your moments of the present by the pulling of time segments that you currently do not flow in time and space with, for this robs you of the power of concentrated presence and experience.

Being current means holding your presence in a great state of being and focus, so learn this art.  Be aware of the quickening within your presence and be with those of higher knowing and LOVE, for it is now the time to collect this around yourself.

Be aware of the quickening within your presence and be with those of higher knowing and LOVE, for it is now the time to collect this around yourself.


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