All too often we deaden ourselves with indulgences and habits that congest our flow and environment, and things become a complacent disruption to flows of energy. This knots up your creative juices and your soul will always let you know. Just be aware and know these lessons dear ones, it does not get done until you do it! Learn to capture the moments of your actions to clarity and the placement of things, then you will walk in order and the soul will flow for it knows and is of order and balance.

If this was not so, that the spirit of your individual brilliance is within you how could your very body know what to do to heal? When called upon to give good advice you are bountiful, but when it comes to heeding you own, you are slow to move and respond. And this has to do with habits and programs you believe about yourself that deadlocks your true nature. Like the fingerprints of your hand, there is the specialty of your grandeur, for you are truly one of a kind.

Oh, how have you been deceived that you are not a special being? If you were to know this, you would not be living in beliefs of some ‘others’ order. Before you sign up, read the fine print as to how it enslaves you. Just remember this, you came in alone and you will depart alone.


What dear souls do you take from the Earth but your honour and your lessons? You are here to learn about yourself and to create perfection for you and to learn the lessons of refinement as it has been assigned by the keepers.

Following the ‘lords’ is your first clue that you are being deceived into a contract based on suppression of your nature, and this is the binding of your feet to you walking in your own footsteps. Learn the history of the Roman Church and the beginnings as brought to you by the New World Order secret societies of ROME, and the Masons that have stolen the history of man and have diverted your minds into their spell.

Therefore know again that you save yourself during the days of your life by raising your knowledge and touching the hand of your spirit in guidance. For you are but a personality of your OVERSOUL, a pearl on this great presence that is a spark of the PRIME SOURCE in the process of individual manifestation. So get beyond devils, your rulers and saviors and tend to the creation of your self-dynamic. Dare to break out of the EGG of the MATRIX, for in doing so you will surely advance and KNOW.

Leave the drowning to the collective mental stew of the masses, find yourself in your DIVINE splendour.


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