The heart is the centre of expression of the core of your being. This is the centre of your communication to the world and to your inner sanctity. How can I tell you that life is easier than you have been programmed to believe when your heart is empty of judgment, pain, and anger?  Here lies the crux of your dilemma and suffering for you are venerable when your hearts are open.

The heart will pull you to what image is held in it, this is your fire of passion. This is also what makes bonds to those not worthy and delusional. Mind HUE, this is not the state your hearts were designed to be.  For in your prison world many disruptive entities are now in a caged world doing time, and you are amongst them. So the lesson is to have the real measure of your porthole to your hearts and learn discernment.


You must remember that your whole program you are running concerning your body and your experiences is staged for your growth in this dust world.  Your higher powers and spirit are quarantined from you until you have made the mark and resolved many of your disruptive attitudes to others and yourself. For pain imprints a knowing as well as pleasure and happiness. This is the conditioning you are going through.

Just know this, when you still your mind and cravings and open up to your connection you will see just how everything can flow together and that is your interferences that are fear-based that dam the flow of the UNIVERSE within you.


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