Dear souls upon Earth, there is more going on behind the scenes than the Matrix of the outer information wants to tell you. It goes beyond you being slaves or mere units to worship and praise ‘gods’ and saviors. Your souls are assigned time and lessons from the moment of your conception. Inherent to the DNA selection are traits and experiences encoded into your genetics from the history and information from both your mother and your father. You have this downloaded into your very fibres of human experience.

The lords or Karma are sentient biological units that act like machines and place you in your human forms for processing the inherent challenges and probability for your ‘time’ on Earth. Some of you are very Earthbound and are processing in evolution from primate souls into the higher starseed and expanded consciousness offered to you by the completion of each incarnation to teach you the separation from mere animal consciousness. Some of you are from other realms and have gotten out of control to the higher frequencies and must now come to this field for conditioning.


So your duties are for you to awaken to know the principles of integrity, karma, cause and effect, and social and mental advancement. I can assure you that you all can be great beings when you understand that you must make the mark and pass your karmic lessons, for until you do you will not have the powers of the higher creative forces allowed into your life. You see the struggle is with your attitude and ways of looking at things as problems from the outer and others affect you. You take no responsibility to make the necessary changes that your insights are telling you to do from previous incarnations and so you are stuck.



My teaching here is for you to look at your problems and find solutions and the lessons that each incident of disharmony teaches you. When you gain the lessons in each of your testings they are no longer luggage you carry as incompleted cycles and the learning you must have again and again, until you finally get the basics of how life and YOUR actions work with your choices and participation.

How can I say many times? Your projections of confusion cast seeds of weeds in your garden and you feed them until they take you over. The learning of wisdom and moderation is the elements many of you lack by your negligence, and this keeps you stuck. By studying works of the great masters on these subjects and applying this into your minds, hearts and souls, you will certainly make your life a flow of your discernment and learn to arm yourself with others’ missiles and conflicts. Learn to trust your instincts and discharge the harmful downloads others try to make you take into your experience.

Sometimes you just have to be ‘rude’ and to the point with people and call them when their gift packages do not fit your realities. Stop being led to believe that you are all ‘equal’, you are not. For there are many levels of awareness and many adolescent souls in bodies that may have more years but their level of soul evolution is very low on the gradients of the higher learning. Be careful of these ones, for many are great manipulators and you do not need to facilitate them. You need to worry about YOUR evolution first and primary.


And always guard your feelings and attachments to people and be selective who you hang with as their company becomes a deciding factor on how you are influenced about life. Just remember to learn here on LIFE and make the grade. Continue to evolve the soul so that you can go to higher realms and be of greater service to yourself and others.





  1. Learn to observe that wat is invisible after that learn how to move wat u encounter wat u can move u can grab wat u grab is yours peace in our time


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