Bridle your passions, for in the house of your dwelling in the body the same windows that vent and let things out, will also with the same vibration and cord let things in. Be mindful of your resonant magnetic fields. There are many levels of vibratory beings in and about your realm of Earth. Some are discord night souls and some are in very low frequencies that will attach to matching energies and drop on your life forces.

This is especially true if you’re drunk with the spirits of alcohol or drugs. For your innate force field of your character and being is compromised and this leaves the gateway for possessions of beings you do not want around you. When you’re angry and continually fire off missiles of your energy frequency you will actually amplify similar situations by the very nature of creation.

Just as if you radiate LOVE and caring for all things you have a force field that will draw that to you. But more importantly, do understand that there are beings that are interdimensional that work with the government leaders of this world that are corrupt and in the true sense ‘evil’. Situations where people snap and all of a sudden do crazy things like sheep people en masse are literally being pawns by interdimensional destructive beings for an agenda.

Just like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada the other day. This was more than killing. This is to disarm the people so they will not have weapons because there is an agenda to depopulate and create sicknesses and plagues in the next few years. If people are infected then they will not be able to arm themselves without weapons. Know the chapters of the elite have spoken of this and tell you on the Georgia Guidestones about limiting the population of the world. The two main areas of attack are England and the United States.



There are interdimensional alien beings that are not humanoid as you know them. They are working with the elite and the fourth Reich and they are systematically creating all of the wars and destruction to keep your race and society suppressed from advancement. But they are not the real leaders that lack compassion for the masses of people and their evolution. The Anunnaki are returning and have been here. This is a great test, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you know.

I have personally met with these beings and I know exactly what they look like and who they are. They can implant people around you and situations and use you like a pawn if you are someone that does not fit the mundane typical Matrix. They will set many challenges upon your way if you are not savvy to what they are doing and know who they are. Their agenda is to destroy and maim the creations of man (humans as you know them) so that the experiment of the creation of man as described in the Sumerian Tablets will be proven to have been a great mistake. This is their agenda.

Know of the factions of the Anunnaki and their culture. Some are for us and well advanced and some would rather have us erased as if an abomination to creation and their starseed. Look in the writings of the Bible and other teachings, there is seated small nuggets of a code where they will tell you what is going on. The Phoenicians Egyptians, an ancient manuscript as well as archaeology that is upon the World shows history beyond what obvious time frames of the Bible and other religious suppressive teachings are about.

There have been many civilizations upon this world and it is all cycled every 26 thousand years. This is why they destroyed all the teachings of the Maya, Incas and even great civilizations that were in the Americas during the 1400s. They do not want you to know of the Extra-Terrestrial and Alien contacts in the real history of the world. So in conclusion, keep your vibrations high, because we are going to go through a dark and light time of many changes upon the planet both geophysical, emotional, mental and societal.

Be mindful of your vibrations for in this time of the energy, now they will be magnified.


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