Life is like a card game and the particular game that you play you can only play with so many cards in your hand. People come, and people go. Jobs and opportunities come and go, but your hand can only hold onto so many cards. So to play the game you must bet with the hand that you have and also know when to change your strategy and draw up new opportunities, new cards as they were.

Situations happen in your life that requires the letting go and the focus on how to play the best hand. Again, you are encouraged to keep the highest faced cards so that you can to win the game of life. So it is with the selections of people, sometimes you can ‘Ace’ the situations and life is hands down much easier.



But sometimes you are dealt low cards. People that you know that you cannot hang onto, for you will now have good odds in your life, and of course, sometimes you have to bet and make changes and risk for life to deal you a whole new hand. Just know that the face cards are always the best and highest cards in your hand to play within your endeavors. So it is with the people you surround yourself with.

In life you may not win every hand nor is every situation an easy bet. When dealing with your life, it is your cards, your bets or investments of time, your poker face and presentation that can weigh the odds of your success. Practicing this is what life is about and the game of life will improve. And play by the rules, for that is just the way the house is in this world.

Life is a game and a play of cards, learn to win and Master the game.


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