We work with computer biological units that process Karma and conditions to Humans for their training here.  Yes, many will now be showing up all around the world because the Agents of this realm refuse to disclose.

We will be everywhere before the big changes with the need to show our vessels to the world.  Many are from the Inner Earth and we are making room inside the earth for about 1 billion of your higher beings that we have been following.

Some will go to ships that are stationed on the moon and some from Mars, and some from Saturn.  All based on the level of intelligence and love factors.  And of course, some will stay and connect to Artificial Intelligence and be of machine mind.  This cycle is completing.  We had hoped for a better harvest but your Elite messed this crop up in a big way, but to those that have endured you are real gems.

Major events will clock in 20 days across the planet with strong solar flares, more volcanos, and earthquakes.  The Earth will make more loud sounds as the crystals start to vibrate and resonate like the moaning of whales and deep tones like trumpets.  We will display LIGHT dances with many colours on our ships so that you will know you have friends.

The weapons will come out in droves from the war departments and fear will be stirring to cause panic.  Many transport vehicles with National Guards will be staging battleships ready with scalar weapons to fire at us. We already know ahead of their every move.

They will be coming to trial in OUR COURTS.

They will like being in Saturn with the disruptive ones and of course our holographic units to give them new lessons.


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