For it is human nature to be emotional and that goes for BOTH genders, and of course this makes sense. For feelings are the enhancement of life and the emanations of the conditions of the SOUL through the heart. Just as they can express the LOVE, they can show anger, sadness, joy and the whole colours of emotions that we feel at the core. This is the iris of our emotional bodies that can dilate open and shut at our mind’s calling or at the temperament of the soul crying out. Laced with this are memories in our life and quantum moments (pleaser, pain and suffering) that are stored in the mind and body.

When we are rejected, hurt and discounted this takes into account the memories (the background of the images at that moment) and is stored within the body and frozen moments of separation by the judgments and pain of rejection, especially for the forming personality during the encoding of the imprint from our families. And it is this stored memory that oftentimes when our emotions and bodies are tired or when a woman is going through menses, that this vents to lash out at the ones we LOVE. When this happens, and the recipient is not prepared and their hearts are open, this dumping of emotional stored charge is like a poison arrow to the core.

The products are that the iris of the heart to the soul protects itself and shuts down to the partner, lover or friend. Then when the venting from the projector is done, they are not even aware of what just transpired and they wonder why they are not getting the LOVE and attention and that once flowed. It is simple, people protect and learn not to allow these energies that can bring LOVE, joy and connect but also an attachment of great unexpected debris like a Trojan Horse. The differentiation between a woman and a man is one primary reactive mode. Man do not keep their hearts open and can shut down to their lovers and never open up the affinity to their souls again, for they want to remain ‘strong’ and logical as to what they will allow still.

Whereas a woman is used to this cycling because she has sacrificed these energies by her blood that holds the release energies and this is discharged. This is why wise women will not vent her poison during this time of strong medicine to her mate. Unfortunately, this wisdom is not taught by the wise crony to educate women. So it is great poison that relationships are destroyed by the man no longer taking the warmth of a woman protecting his heart and the woman is in question of why their mates do not LOVE them. This is also true for other types of relationships with the same principles. Learn of this and do your best not to vent to those you LOVE and resolve the perpetual passing of harmful discharges to loved ones, and anyone for that matter.

Treasure your loved ones.


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