Just as the ocean has ebbed and flows so do the energy vortices upon your world and local areas induce these fields of creative impulses. Planetary alignment causes seasons and the awakening of life, just as the length of the solar day’s imprint coding to activate specific functions within the cells and DNA. The whole galaxy works with these precursors, and it was once a great science upon your planet.

The ancients knew of the powers of the alignment and seasons and planned their great tasks around these significant moments. You would be surprised to find out that the clans of the Elite do all their planned events and intervention within countries during these prime moments of energy flow.


So many things happen with the seasons and the energy flows upon your planet.


Though the moral majority and Christians talk about this as ‘Occult’, from the devil, and that the Bible forbids this and not to dwell with such knowledge of the Devil and Satanic connections. Yet the very events of the life of Jesus the ‘Sun’ of Man is based on this. His birth during the winter solstice and his crucifixion during the spring, or when nature’s resurrection of life is triggered.

You would do well to understand and plan your tasks with the seasons and energy flows. Just remember that there are peaks and there are lows in your mind, emotions, and abilities and that it is not because you are tired or that you feel less energy necessarily, but your bio clocks are in the matching of these forces.  Learning the hidden mystical sciences will reveal much upon your world and about the leaders that formed and control your society, for they still utilize this information in their secret orders.


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