Wisdom is the currency of the Soul. It is the by-product of the lessons of life and it is Universal. So if one really wants to invest in the revolution, the study of wisdom is an ancient art and how much of it is to be found in writing. The wisdom that particularly deals with the knowledge of one’s self and the behaviour of man in a sociological environment is most useful to the soul. These are the deposits each entity makes. This truly is the seeking of life purpose, the philosophy of life, the higher teachings to study and speaking of truth for one’s investment in their personal soul growth.

And this wisdom is most definitely not to be confused with religion. That is great in limiting minds and making people part of a herd. Souls form together to beat others down into submission of their blinded truth taught by religion, but they are innocent. Most people on the planet are misinformed and are afraid to think for themselves as being responsible sentient beings. So when you deal with people like this just be aware you’re wasting your time, for their minds have been changed into illusion and brainwashed. Your duty in life is to yourself in the harvest of wisdom. You will know that you’re controlled by an agenda when somebody tells you that it’s not okay for you to LOVE yourself or even think about anything else but something outside of you, a religious figurehead.

That I can assure you is not why you are here and as mentioned before in my earlier teachings, Karma is cause and effect, especially true to other entities and life-forms that you have hurt or damaged. In order to get the lessons in this 3-dimensional world you live in you must be fully accountable to learn of what you were doing in terms of pain and suffering to others. And once again, life here in this dimension is to teach you, it’s not eternal. I say this not to shame you or to keep you stuck but to inform you the bottom line is to gain wisdom and understanding of yourself in relationship to the world, for you are a fragment of the Prime Source presence. This is the energy of LOVE which must be embraced from yourself out of the core first.


So when you have religious teachings you have a perfect recipe for wars and positions of belief systems and one-upmanship. If you kill, maim or hurt someone uttering words to a created GOD this does not change the fact that you have injured another human being and are accountable for your debt. The entities of karma that are designed here will most definitely bring you back to experience this so that you will learn and internalize it as a sense of wisdom, hence cause and effect. This is the ending of a great cycle of many souls in this turnaround of 26-thousand years. It is time now to complete your self-mastery and move on to another dimension that the world is going into.

You are in a great information age at the moment, take advantage of it. Learn whatever wisdom you can and internalize it with a connection to your soul and it may save you a lot of experience unnecessary when you’ve already learned this wisdom. Think of it like studying books before a test so you can pass the grade and not even have to do additional time. The ultimate goal is for your self-learning and soul growth, not to worship some religious figurehead that doesn’t change anything within yourself. In essence, Karma forgives you when you get the lesson and embrace the lessons and wisdom. You can see why asking for forgiveness and for someone else’s blood to forgive you is totally ridiculous to the way the Universe works.

It just no different than if you have a child. You want to teach it to grow up and become self-authentic and the best it can be. Your religious teachings that have been put upon your world and created by dark forces to control you systematically undermines the knowledge that you need to get to the advancement of the soul. As mentioned before, the prime source says ‘you will know me when you know yourself in perfection’. This is nothing to do with being egotistical or ‘self-righteous’ it has to do with making yourself a master and learning your Universal genuineness. Take heed to reprogram yourself into freeing yourself on these delusional implants that have been corrupting your mind and thinking. Learn to hear the whispers of your soul talking to you again, if that’s what you need to embrace.

So dear souls, study and take time to learn the wisdom of the wise men, for there are many but you will not find them in religions. You will find the self-righteous there asking you for money and beating you down into submission by telling you there is only one religious godhead and the evil devil. When you connect to wisdom you feel it in your heart and it quickens the vibration. It makes you feel good and solid within yourself. So make it a daily practice to learn what you can, reflect upon the lessons of your life and upon your mistakes so that you can understand the consequences of your actions and correct your behaviour, for the future and in the moment.


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