How can I tell you that you’re all fabrics with energy and vortices?  In fact, everything is holographic vortices and everything is a gridwork at management and vibration.   If you could only see how it looks on the other dimensions.  Therefore, sickness is basically a disruption in the vortices and the alignment of magnetic pulses.  Magnetism is more than just metal attracting metal.  Energy fields can amplify and they follow the tone of the chakras.

Each chakra has a certain connection and vibration and it pulses in a spin.  This is why some people have strong survival energy fields or intense sexual energy, as that’s where they’re focusing their energy.  Some people have acute mental energies and sense an intense awareness in their mind and sharpness.  Some people have incredible heart energy that’s emanating, and some have a strong vocal expression in tones with their sound.  Others are gifted with an inter-dimensional vision of past, present, and future.




It’s all how you focus upon the centres in the body and connection to your soul.  This amplifies your consciousness then pulls into the things you are dwelling upon.  If you could just visualize and understand this you can amplify your creations and make less disruptive patterns in your life.  Just as the world has energy vortices in ley lines and grid points so moisture and liquid crystal flows over these centres and amplifies over the minds of people dwelling on Earth, and even the consciousness of man affects the weather.  So as you have storms and turbulence on your world you also have storms in the collective consciousness of man.

Everything is a holographic energy form and the planet is making a quantum leap to the 4th and 5th Dimension.  Learn to be sensitive and have chemical coherency in your body. For even this affects your vibrations which affects learning, feelings, and sound at the core of your being.  Learn of the eating of food and how this affects your vibration.  You are all a collective of energy so be the best you can be and your frequency, then your life will run much smoother with greater intensity and less effort.  This is what happens in the higher frequencies and the opposite is true with the lower frequencies.

It is all a matter of energy and current.



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