Your solar system travels around the universe in one great orbit crossing paths of other heavenly bodies and sectors, all of which have imprinted effects upon your would and consciousness as a whole. Know that your Galaxy has a binary Black Pulsar that sends out quantum radiations of various particles and energy packets, along with instructions from Prime Source for new potentials and expansions.  Think of these as metamorphic life force design upgrades to excel the particles of the denser material realms into LIGHT quanta and more exceptional energy forces.

As your solar system is travelling there are different seasons and energy realms your planetary bodies are bathed with.  This upgrades the DNA biological forms as well as encoding messages and instructions to the crystals upon the planets. One journey takes about 26,242 of your Earth years to make its full circle. What is happening now for the last 30 years is that your solar system is moving into the photon belt and receiving great bathing of cosmic energy packets.  Know that there is more beyond your visible and perceptive electromagnetic spectrum that is travelling and influencing you.

All that has experience and lived with a sentient form of input through a biological device and ocular has emprinted waveforms, and has created memories and activities still in existence in dimensions or plans you term the astral realms. As your planet is raising its vibration, there are integrations of the physical to the lower astral realms, and the higher realms are coming into sight upon your world and consciousness. Specific densities are unifying or precipitating into collections of ‘like vibrations’ and perceptions of innate character.  So dear souls, this is a great time because many of you have woven a new overlay of your physical bodies into a duplication of a LIGHT body that is photon based, and is linked to the present body of flesh and blood that you are.


This is the activation that is occurring, and your minds and bodies are now being LIGHT based.  Though this is not everyone, but many.  You will know this because you have already become more aware of other life forms that are sentient, like the animals around you.  Your feelings and communication to them are evident. You feel spirits and make connections to many living things. You have changed your diets and pulled away from eating of death and drinking and poisoning your bodies, knowing that when you do you feel very sick and out of balance. Your attachment to the material has become less, and you are living in the moment.  Your interests are information and learning of the Universe, and you have the high LOVE for others and animals.

On the other hand, the opposite is happening.  People that are of the denser and lower frequency are becoming more aggressive and out of balance and full of fear and idleness.  You will see them clinging like hoarders because they feel that something is going to happen and they must have around them many things to keep them enmeshed into the matrix. They are glued to their “smartphones” and spend their time drinking and doing drugs, happy with whatever stimulation and recreations of social media controlled mind links they can have to sooth them.  In short, the dense are becoming denser, and the conscious ones are gaining in leaps and bounds, and these two have polarized.

So in conclusion, if you have a higher LIGHT body you need to be with those of the same reality and to the Starseed Homeworlds of your families that are coming to quicken you and help you remember.  So to understand this, the lower will become more base and look at you thinking you’re a “space cadet” and they are RIGHT.  Make no waste of your time to the brainwashed religious entrapped and Earth-based souls, for they have selected to stay behind in the dust worlds.  Be patient and loving but understand that they do not have the bandwidth for the ascension process by their frequency.

Also, know that you are making transitions from your old perceptions into newer ones and have a lot to learn and experience, for you are now at the entry levels of a new frequency that is not based on the limits or perceptions of the Earth Matrix and lower forms.  You will and have been traveling in the Astral realms during your “sleep” awakening, and you each have assigned spirit guides and council to educate your personality minds of the Earth plane.

A great birth and transition are occurring, and you that read these words already know this.  You must find your collective tribes and reflect with your kind, for this is all so new to many of you.


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