There is a mind of the light masters and those that have ascended their lessons of illusion upon your world of material Matrix.  They have learned the actual history of the civilizations that have come and gone in your solar system and scheme of things, for the lessons and the experiments of teaching the soul sparks of consciousness, self-awareness and self-being in alignment with PRIME SOURCE, with LOVE based intention and excellent knowledge and intelligence.

Just as there are other races and expressions from afar that have come to watch and learn from the experiences here for each of you on Earth 3d appearance and journey. There have come and gone great technological races far beyond even your most current achievements.  But there is one thing that they lacked, and that was LOVE, spiritual awareness and connection to the leadings of the higher principles of life duty and honor, woven in the building of integrity.

This history goes back over 4 million years upon your knowledge of history.  But there were significant wars and battles between the Lemurians of soul-spiritual based culture and the Atlantians material based societies.  And in that time they populated many of your worlds in your solar systems and had advanced crafts that would propel them. They were in connection with other planets and the Annunaki, Pleidians, and Sirians were visiting and shared technologies.


As time ventured the Atlanteans became corrupted, and the Lumerians became dark sorcerors and abused the higher realms and powers for self-delight and oppression. Great wars occurred between Lumeria and Alantas that were fought on Mars and on another larger planet whose remains are the Kepler belt.  Mankind descended and started over again. The large colony of space-worthy travelers were in Antartica and were of the Atlantean races.  A massive pole shift happened, and the planet was flash frozen at the now south pole.

Today many of the world’s leaders are excavating these ruins still intact. But as they see, so does the collective mind catch glimpse like the Hundredth Monkey.  The old knowledge is beginning to surface and become available for those on the paths of ascension.  Study and learn all that you can, for as you learn and have informed the higher beings to guide you they will bring you on the path to deeper learning in the mystery schools.  History has a way of repeating itself, for the souls of past often have not learned their lessons and bring into manifestation the same corrupted views and ideas, and must be flunked again for not passing in the 26,424 years of galaxy travel and clockwork of cycles.

Gerd up your loins and sharpen your minds, great moments are about to occur on the physical as well on the higher vibrations and consciousness of mankind.  Many of you are being guided and have known things beyond for many of your years. The time is now to practice and to take to heart your knowledge for the upcoming events of transitions upon the planet.  As always, seek the highest knowledge and intelligence, for the Earth carnate man is linked together with the masses that have not journeyed and advanced beyond the base animal existence of mind and heart.

It is time to break free of the illusion of the material, for a greater experience in the finer realms awaits those that have passed the seven seals of the release of illusion.


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