When you awaken to start your day are you inspired to learn more wisdom, knowledge and spring to life excited? Or are you awakening because of duty and drudgery? For when you are in your element of life expression, there is an enate compelling force to create and learn after rest and to continue your soul expression. When this is the case that you are motivated, you are in your flow from your soul and unified with the flow of life.

The opposite is that you would rather stay asleep and have time to get hooked into the Matrix and to start your daily routines. This is because your energy is not flowing and you are not inspired, your soul is restless and the body is toxic and out of shape. If this is your current nature there are solutions, repairs and redirections you can and need to incorporate into your body, mind and soul.

The significant part you carry around your soul is the mind and body, and so connected is the machine of the body to the brain. Your bodies operate on current and voltage that is chemically connected with impulses and the essential electrolyte of within the container. So if you lack minerals and proper fluids this chemistry becomes corrupted, and the currents you need for electrical impulses become weak like a drained battery.

Also, food is your fuel and combusts the furnace of your very power to move and have drive. The lighter and closer your fuel that you take into your body the more energy you will have to begin with this basic premise.


So learn of the ingredients for life as there are many books and online tools to educate you. The next step is to check out your body regarding respiration and breathing, for this helps to fire the burn.

Learn to exercise and breathe, for it is vital to the performance of the body. A mind is a machine and does what it is supposed to do, solve problems and seek information and pull into being the programs you ask it to. And of the heart, it feels and desires LOVE, dedication, and companionship and it needs to output LOVE and to receive LOVE. The personality that you think you are is running to mind, body, and soul for the experience.

The soul has had many bodies and has a vast store of information you can access. And it is the soul that inspires the personality. Take mind to work on all the elements discussed and to get inspired and find your drive again. Seek information on health and unplug from the mundane, for you have such a splendid opportunity to give to existing. Tune up your body and be with health uplifting friends and people.

For in doing so you will rejuvenate, and it is never too late to make your vehicle run better and to become dynamic again especially when you have your heart, mind, and soul behind you.  Ignorance and poor health make you a victim and slave as well as being in bad habits that do not serve your purpose. Dream again, find your purpose and be the creator of your destiny, not a cog in the wheel of the system.


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