There will be a Halloween to remember. In the latter of October, things will get really off kilter with the weather.  In Ireland and in England there will be warm winter storms and major flooding and high winds, with large waves and high tides.  In the Midwest, strange happenings will go along the great rivers of the Mississippi river.  The waters will be flowing deep underground in fissures and fill up the aquifers of the deep, and it will begin to dry up.

There will be great rumbling shortly thereafter and the land will rise and the rivers will run backward with large earthquakes.  A great Volcano will erupt in the far lands of Alaska and shortly thereafter Vancouver will have a major earthquake.  The oceans shall be strange with very large tides and ebbs.  The skies shall shower great lights of meteors close to December.  Great hurricanes shall happen in Japan and China coasts very soon.


The geoengineering will now start to release deadly viruses and bacteria, right as the winter should start and many elderly people will die.  And those with the vaccines that they took will become the most ill.  This is being released by the NWO to start the process of depopulation.  They will play up the ‘End Times’.  Great fear will be churned up in the news media with great ‘wars’ to distract you to justify great despatching of troops for the Earth changes that are to occur.  Many boats stocked will now become seaworthy.

Now is a good time to stock up on your survival provisions like medicines, water and food for 2 months, for there will be shortages. Strange clouds will appear as they are being pulsed with ions from HAARP and the large microwave arrays in Europe.  The goal is to capitalize the death rate on the backs of the earth changes, but created and in the events real time.  Seek the soul of your inner mind and unplug from massive fear, as this will not serve you.  Have your inner eyes open, and in tune.

Desire the frequencies of the LIGHT body, as this will be your life raft.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA


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