The more you learn and study the more you allow a valance to your soul to be in communication with you; a ‘personality’ that is linked to the soul which is the primary server for spiritual data, your satellite-linked self while in a human body. Keep in mind the distinction of your human brain as it is a presence unto itself; a product of your socialization and genetic memory of your parents and their parents DNA to your rivers of Earth wisdom that becomes your traits and base nature of your ancestry. In the choosing of your incarnation into the Earth Matrix, you are enveloped with a mind and an operating system that you experience and learn to be in, and oftentimes forget the soul presence that you were before and beyond your present identification. This process of learning serves a time and is vital for your lessons to be learned but is not the real HUE that you are. This is the veil that you wear and identify with, but this is not HUE.

For the real presence is not stuck in the matter of the 3D form and is full of wisdom and knowledge beyond and is the real source of your imagination and creativity. When you dream or in the early morning, you are devoid of the necessity of your Earth actions and script. You have now a union with your soul and review your life lessons, and the fragment in your mind becomes refreshed and inspired to its real self. The spiritual goal in life is to awaken to this connection and stream this presence into the world while using the Earth mind. This union becomes the wisdom of your real existence. The term often used is the OVERSOUL and that vital spark of the UNIVERSAL PRESENCE that you must begin to blend with while asleep in the world. Learn to dream your dreams and to image the overlay of YOUR SOUL while in the body. This process is imagination and comes from the endless creative rivers of the higher non-Earthbound ‘realities’.

Find the sanctity of your soul and its teachings to inspire you. Just as you tune in a radio to higher frequencies so should you tune in your body. Learn to put down the endless thoughts running in your head to hear the voice and the teachings that your SOUL gives you to free you from the Matrix and infuse you with hope, knowing that you are more than a working struggling bag of worries and obligations of ‘things to do’. You have more knowledge and understanding than you think when you can tune into the presence of your soul and spirit guides. Your spirit guides are as your teachers, and come and go with new ones there to teach you as you progress in your life.



As there are Laws upon your Earth so are there principles of conduct that are in the other frequencies. Know the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. For this is Wisdom. Your ‘churches’ and legal systems have been corrupted and are not to help you but to extract your money and make you needy of their services. It is best to study the law and its principles especially if you need the legal counsel, for if you depend on the ‘officers of the court’ without knowledge of the law, you will be victimized and plundered of your resources. The same goes for your dependence of churches and the “elders”, for they are human with their own issues and cannot to any measure give you what you can gain from the knowing that your spirit guides and soul can provide you.

So learn to study each day and to have a dialogue of reflection. Set goals and embrace the wonders of your soul again, that you have forgotten to be a human personality and cog in the system of the world you live in. Let that noise go now and then and remember that life is just a job you’re doing for a moment, but is not the real you. Be ever vigilant to what you react to by the Govern Mental’s that rule you and work into their corporations and productions of their agendas. Know of the fear tactics and drama that feed you and the collective minds into “MASS” hysteria, amplifying in your emotions of energy to enhance their agendas. Find the peace and wisdom from this illusion and break the wavelengths of this force with one thought from SOURCE at a time with the LOVE you bring to each moment you are here. Question your religions and history, for it is manufactured to mislead you and the laws created to enslave you. For they will pull you into wars and fear to control you if you are not aware. Side with your soul and the guides that will teach you how to free your soul spark and bring the ignition of wisdom into your minds and hearts from the higher realms.

Learn and trust your inner information when it is LOVE based and evolved, for it has a natural frequency and presence that illumines HUE. Polish yourself into brilliance to reflect your inner LIGHT.


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