Think about it, you have survived many trials and disappointments, highs and lows, riches to poor, and coming and going of loved ones but you have always managed to hang in there and have continued to survive. Could it be that there is something beyond that is watching and assisting you? I think you know the answer to that question; it is your SOUL, your personal coach that is always there to watch over you.

Your soul speaks to you with visions, dreams, intuitions and occurrences so that you are learning the lessons of life and yourself (what you are, and what you are not). It is the infiltration of fear and the self-judgment that works against you in your endeavors of life. The point is that your soul knows the answers to your tests and just how much you can safely endure in trials to gain understanding.



You can turn the whispers of your soul into deep communication by listening and asking this incredible presence for some tutoring. Learn to turn your notions into actions and corrections and grab the helm of your ship. You all have so many different courses in life as well as lessons that are specific to your life. When you get to a point, you review your life and see that is it a journey to teach you. Study your lessons and you will see patterns change and new opportunities arise for you to experience.

Live YOUR life and learn to detach from all that is propping you up with malicious attachments that keep you stuck and immobile. Learn to dream and to direct your minds to find you the truth. For the only lasting truth is wisdom and the understanding of the nature of man and the world around you. Know just how creative, resourceful and amazing you really are as humans.

Find the voice of the soul and let it become your voice, not the imitations of what the world would have you fit into, and your life will be on track.


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