As emotions are the primal base of your body reaction that unites the brain to the mind, feelings are your higher responses that incorporate your reflective thought and value in the process of emoting. Feelings are your drive about your connections to your state of being or situation in your life with things and/or people. How you feel is based on your body chemistry and brain chemistry that reward you or punish you through your neurons and endorphins.

Yes, the saying ‘we have chemistry’ is appropriate here, but you also receive the chemical reward when you have worked hard and feel good afterward. However, feelings are more as they incorporate thinking and judgment including believing systems that come from yourself and others. Your drive to accomplish and be motivated includes passion which is feeling that has the triggering of mental pictures and value attached to emotions. If you do not feel good about what you are doing you will not have your full capacity to flow and perform your tasks.

It is important to express ourselves to others and to ourselves for this is the basis of our creativity and expression that we value ourselves with. The crux here is feeling, if you are being ostracized you cannot function to your potential. The same goes for opinions you have about yourself, and these are judgments and belief systems. Since feelings give you power and keep the channels of your creative energy flow open it is of inherent value to value yourself and to see yourself in good LIGHT.



This is why it is important to reboot yourself when you are in a tailspin and a downward course of self-destruction. You must rewrite your negative chemistry and self-opinions to change your feelings. This may mean a complete chemistry change beginning with diet to include cleansing and fasting. For old habits of toxic substances will in no uncertain terms affect your body chemistry. Smoking deadens the brain by cutting off vital oxygen, trans fatty acids and excessive meat deaden awareness. Alcohol and drugs toxify the liver and numb brain function.

The mind does hold opinions based on belief systems of reactionary or taught programs as well as what others say and show to us. Both diet substances and mental pictures impress upon our feelings about ourselves. So this covers the basis for feelings that you may need to adjust to bring yourself to your higher feeling levels, and hence powers of your dynamic. Periodic maintenance is crucial in staying aligned and true to your soul and to have the best potential and drive based on a good feeling about yourself.

Just remember, you are responsible and have an obligation to control your life and understand your nature and actions in life for all your experiences that come to pass are greatly influenced by your health and self-feelings.


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