The state of your heart is the image you send to the world. How you feel about who you are and what you are in alignment to your soul is voiced in the energies you are posting from your mind and heart. Though life is not sugar-coated and much of your adult life is based on how you were treated and “loved” in your formative years by your parents. If your parents welcomed you and loved you, your self-image will head to a higher harmony and expansion.

If your parents did not want you and projected their frustrations on you, this becomes a significant challenge to unite with your unloved child and to find your validation. Some people never resolve the deep crises of embracing themselves, the result is they have a weak image about themselves. The nature of an unloved core is imbalance and anger and frustration that is stored in the heart, and this is the negative side of the heart.

Coming to terms with the loving of who you are is the first action one must achieve to “love”. In knowing people that are off-kilter and full of anger, or if it is you, a review of your past and a reaching out in memory of the joyful new spark, if life must be captured and embraced by you ‘the adult’ and communicated with. Often memories are as emotional fragments that are isolated in time because of pain and are never forgotten.




When your life is based on love, your actions are more in balance. When you have “deeply” charged pain hidden your life becomes a compensation and a proving to others that you are OK. But the real work needs to happen by going back to those moments of rejection and pain and feeling them and embracing your unloved child. Here you must transfer this energy and see all the personalities of each element that it was not you but the passing of your parent’s anger, or a bully in your life that caused this inflection and separation of a loving self-image.

How you feel in your heart is an energy that should be radiant and at peace. Making a review and finishing up old business within yourself is the first step in your healthy self-image. It is time to reset your nature and heal, for at the time of your childhood years you could do very little about your situation and had no freedom to express yourself and voice the injustice and invalidation. Begin here and learn and study for as an adult you do not need to voice the traumas of your unloved child onto others.

Deep tissue and bodywork can often aid in your trapped body memories. Healing facilitates growth, and this is something you all need to do to find inner peace and a passion for living.


Images:  Cameron Gray Digital Art.

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