Deep within are your visions and your quest. Look there, and you will find the hidden realms of your genius. Your thoughts are possibilities and courses of action that you can form into being if you so desire. The problem is this takes action to bring into form, and many have self-doubt and low opinions of themselves so the would rather follow the paths of the common group mind and achieve little in their lives.

Imagination is the faculty of imagining your creative visions into form. Ideas not made real in your life as of yet until you feed these images with interest, fascination and passion. And it is with a curious mind and nature that the soul is persuaded by the mind to the vision and creativity. Getting in good habit makes the rhythm of your life in-sync when used throughout your day and in your dreams.

For your thinking becomes the blueprints to manifest when you take the time to design your life and plan it. When you learn to will and intent on action, your power flows with the particles of energy from the ethers into form, this is called MAGIC.



As you align with your soul on your inner journey into nature you will learn to control the energy threads into a form that directs the material world of the outer.

Learn to harvest and use these energies as directed with and by your soul and things will manifest. This is when you become the cause of the effect not the effect of the cause of your life. In doing so, you will cause changes to occur in conformity with your will. The ingredients of magic are a vision with feeling, imaging and action. Just remember to walk your life as a contribution to the world and in harmony and learn to control the forces within yourself with wisdom and good intention.

Thoughts and emotion create form. As you gain wisdom, you will learn that contradictory forces are in fact complimentary for the world in duality. All things are connected, and we are all part of the entire spectrum of the Universe. Be your dreams and find them, this is your mission.

Master your self and find the achievement of harmony.


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