Learn to explore the power of your dreams. Dreams are the most primal hidden aspect you have to the collective of your group minds. You are what you have always dreamed about in the forming of your dreams into knowing. The unique creation of your potential happens when you can become proficient at being lucid in your dreams.

When you learn this skill and bring it into consciousness from the unconscious, then you will begin to manifest things much more quickly in your life for you have the power to manifest in your dreams. When you learn to dream your imagination is your only limit. Know and practice to keep this doorway open to access and it does not need to be accessed only when you sleep.



So vital to being the genius is this ability to use the media of the astral and create holographic images and feed them live with your mind’s imagination. Throughout history icons like Nikola Tesla have tapped into this knowledge and could create mechanisms and test them in their minds and have a complete working vision from the media of the astral dream states.

Learn the art of visualization, for this is what can give you the power of your imagination manifested. This is how you can break away from the commonness and be truly unique and creative. Think of it as a canvas that is energized by your every stroke of mind thoughts and images.

I would encourage you to learn these skills and bring them into your meditation. In doing so, you can change your life and bring to be your dreams.


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