When you attenuate your focus of ideas and dreams with purpose and service, you open up the connection to your soul and the Universe responds. Joy is the state of flowing creative energies and LOVE through your being. It attracts it, the universal flow of energy, for you are in the flow of your principle as an active agent and cell of the Universal Presence which you are ONE with.

It is in the giving and receiving the breath of this principle that you are a flowing river of resource and function. This is when you are in harmony with intention, thinking and action. You cannot receive unless you give. If you give out negative energy you will draw more of that principle to yourself. If you give joy and something to everyone you meet and indent them with something that rewards them, you are sowing the seeds for more to flow your way plus in doing so you have touched others.

Giving and receiving are like breath or the waves of the ocean in principle. When you have LOVE based in your heart you do not need to hold on to fear of not having, for in essence it is LOVE that binds all things together. Changing the place of judgment to others including yourself leaves room for good things to flow. Remember judgment is based on your belief system, self-values of what you need to hold up what you think you are not.


Find the fullness of spirit and self-presence and the mind base value of things, and titles that come from a lessened opinion of yourself does not become stuck in material possessions and accumulations. LOVE is the spark that ignites the soul into action of unity and oneness. Invest in LOVE and your returns will be joy. Take time to quiet the mind at least half an hour a day and to just sit still and feel LOVE and imagine LIGHT all around you.

Doing this will shield the negative and create the focus fields of energy you visualize about you. In today’s world, this is ever necessary to cleanse the fields of the confused world around you. Abundance is a state of mind and heart given action. Listen with your heart and you will gain the notions of opportunity to the things you need and ask for. Learn to ask the Universe with specific instruction, like placing an order and let the Universe provide you with your needs.

For most of the limits in your life are not real but your disvalued self-perceptions and self-imposed restrictions. Get connected to your soul and know it, for it is your best friend and meaning to be. Take heed to life and the notions that you feel with your inner senses and you will be guided by the true source of your nature.


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