Finding your centre means to stay in the moment and to do what you can do in your perfect speed. Oftentimes in a daily scurrying around like rats we tend to spend useless energy trying ‘hurry and worry’ instead of accepting the moment and doing what we can in perfect focus.

Hurrying does not necessarily make the tasks we need to accomplish any faster, in fact, when we lose focus and are in a knot of inner distraught we do not function well, and we fear sometimes about what others will think. It is time we stopped pacing ourselves in life like hurried rats on the rat wheel.

Ask yourself for who? It does not accomplish anything but stresses us and makes us more tired and weaker.



Learning to focus and schedule your work, personal time, and recreative time is something we just need to do and practice, or we will burn ourselves out. Learn to task in the flow of your performance level and keep pace and leave the concerns that create anxiety out of your program.

Learning this will make your life more peaceful instead of ‘pieces full’.

Above all keep a clean, orderly workplace and schedule your time for there are only so many hours in a day, and some of those belong to you and your soul time to chill. Do not infringe on this, for it robs you of your joy and turns you into a slave. Work to live, but do not live to work.

Be creative, enjoy your tasks and taking a moment to be present and in peace. This goes a long way to keep you in balance.


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