The health you have is based on your selections of the fuel you choose to intake. The food you eat has vibrations and the closer it is to the sun and the natural states on nutrients, the more it will bring purer energies into your body mechanisms.  What is felt by the animals is contained in the tissue.

Never underestimate how this will influence your consciousness. As you begin to awaken and become more full of light you will naturally require the foods closer to light. Your selection of food is in direct proportion with your frequency and vibrations.


If you want to excel in your spiritual paths, start with your diet. the body needs to combust to fire the foods you eat, so breathing and exercise are essential to a good state of health.

Know that if you are excessively tired you are showing signs of a toxic body.

Pay attention to your body, it will always give you signs of what it needs and when it requires healing and cleansing. Do not wait till it becomes a disease. Many of your sicknesses come from your diet and ignorance to the maintenance of your bodies.

You would do well to maintain your bodies.


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