In order to have substance, you must find the deeper parts of yourself and understand your nature and refine this to work with your present life responsibilities. Your life is your take on your episodes that you experience. You always know what it is you need to take care of. So, put your deliberation to taking care of your tasks with your inner inspiration.

Your life is your responsibility and you must meet your obligations head on. Be practical and efficient, and remember the time is NOW. The last thing you need is your bad habits in the way. Be the action of your dynamo and do so in balance to your personal time. By taking action to your duties, that will be one less mind to haunt you and you will feel better when your tasks are done. Learn the patterns of your deliberation and live your life like a reflex connected to your soul.



Reset your connections and habits and gain your momentum. When you do your life will flow. Sometimes all you need to do is prime the pump by the decision and focus on your matters. Since your body and mind are of matter, your life matters by your selections and actions. Learn this principle and you will become much enhanced to your dynamic presence. Kindle enthusiasm, and be in present time with every task with a good attitude.

A focused mind with the insight of the soul’s vision will make upon your life much joy and creation of your expression and worth. For tasks become has hard or as easy as the way of looking at things and attitude. While in a body you are doomed to action and cycles of tasks, there is no way out of this on the 3D realm you are experiencing.


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