There are new energies coming to the planet and with that are new constructs and changing of the guard. Much of the teaching has just been recycled concepts of the old being taught. We are going to have to see things in a different expanded awareness. The backdrop of the stages is crumbling. The visions of what is beyond the world will be shown and we will already know it for it is where many of us came from before we fell asleep in this paradigm.

The world has been under siege and has brainwashed the souls, so much clean-up is going on. Our potential is so much more but we must start with ourselves by letting go of the programming and fear-based mind constructs. All we need to do is retune ourselves to feel and see the higher frequencies that are coming to this solar system. Mankind is going through a major awakening but also a major sleepiness and cyborg of distraction of the encoding brain waves and subliminal conditioning.

There are new photon and electric magnetic waveforms that are going to bring the Golden Age of new potentials. The controllers are not going to stop this, they cannot. Just remember we chose to be here at this time bringing in new assignments to the planet. Some are now remembering.


Many of you have scripts of information that is ready to access when you have let go and journeyed inside to the realms beyond. It is beyond technologies, titles and body forms. This has to do with consciousness breaking through to the changeover.

The thing is to remain calm and devoid yourself of fear. It is the Earth that is transitioning so mankind will have to follow suit. You call your power when you make decisions and command your life by knowing what you want to do. The rest will follow with energetic waves. You can get there by being calm and connecting to your breath and inner visions. Do your duties of your daily tasks and let your mind be filled with uplifting information to manifest by your focus.

Things happen to you by your allowing of the script to be played in your life or by not allowing. The old energetic scripts are not going to have any power over you as long as you allow the new frequencies to abound in you. Awakening means to see and be informed and changing your vibrational states. In doing so the lower frequencies cannot harm you. It is your focus that makes your experiences and you decide what it is you wish to see.



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